BAC Calculator

Drinking alcohol, though not for everyone, can be a pleasant way to unwind or means in which to reunite with friends. If you choose to drink, doing so responsibly is an action and practice in which we should all partake. This app will estimate your BAC% from your height, weight, and gender in your Fitbit profile, using Widmark’s formula.

Cost: FREE

Core features:

  • 🍺 Estimate BAC%
  • ⏰ Estimate time until sobriety
  • 🥴 Estimate impairment/feeling
  • #️⃣ Keep track of your drinks
  • 🕒 Clock (12/24 hour formats)
  • ❤️ Heart rate


Units and time format are controlled by your Fitbit profile


Disclaimer: Please enjoy responsibly, always have a plan, and do NOT drink & drive. The responsibility falls solely on the user, driving at any level intoxication is illegal. Follow all local laws. For entertainment purposes only.

The most accurate ways to calculate BAC% is a blood test, second being a breathalyzer.

The formulas used to calculate your BAC% can be found in the apps settings.


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