How do I pay?

Simply install the clock face, then a code will pop up on your watch. Head to the website shown on your watch (or tap here) and type the code in. Once purchased, the clock face will instantly unlock for you.

How do I buy a bundle / package?

Tap here and type the code in to start the purchase process. You'll then see the different bundle options on offer!

I have already paid, but I'm being asked to pay again?

This is a current limitation of the Fitbit platform when switching clock faces. You can quickly unlock again for free here. We are hoping Fitbit allows user IDs so this won't be needed in future! You can also bookmark this page if you switch clock faces a lot.

I lost my code – how do I unlock other clock faces in a package?

Don't worry, you don't need your old code. A new code will pop up on your watch when you install a clock face, then unlock it quickly here.

How do I find out which clock face(s) I've purchased?

You should have received an email when you initially purchased a clock face or package. If you didn't receive one, just tap here to see a list of your purchases!


My watch says "Clock Error", what's going on?

This usually occurs if there is an interrupion between your watch and phone while installing clock faces. Unfortunately, it appears to be fairly random and not limited to my clock faces. If you restart your watch and force quit the Fitbit app on your phone and try again, it should then install normally. Moving closer to your WiFi router also seems to improve connection issues.

The install button doesn't work, or the download never completes?

The Fitbit connection can be very unstable when installing which can make things difficult. Please try to restart the Fitbit app and your watch and try again, and the button should work. Another trick is to turn WiFi off on your phone until the clock face begins to install, then turn it back on.

Clock face issues

The settings page is blank?

This was an issue with previous versions of the Fitbit app, so please make sure you update to the most recent version from your app store.

Some parts of the clock face are missing or say "undefined"?

Hold down all three buttons on your watch until the Fitbit logo appears, and once your watch restarts it should be back to normal.

Where do I change between 12 and 24 hour formats?

Just head over to this page, and scroll down to "clock display time" to switch.

None of the above works? What else can I try?

If you swap to another clock face and swap back to this one, it should fix any strange issues you may be having. It will ask you to unlock again, but you can quickly unlock again for free here. Please also ensure you have the latest Fitbit app updates and installed any watch updates too!

Weather issues

why is the weather text area empty?

The weather is sent to your watch through the Fitbit app on your phone, so it needs to be running in the background on your phone for it to work. If you see this message often, try to open the Fitbit app at least once a day to keep it running in the background.

Once you reopen the app, the weather should begin working again. If not, swipe up, wait 5 seconds, and swipe down again. If it still doesn't refresh, try holding all three buttons on your watch until the Fitbit logo appears, and it should refresh when it restarts.

The weather still isn't working?

Please go to the Fitbit app settings on your iPhone or Android device and make sure the following settings match:


(open Settings > Apps & Notifications > Fitbit)

Please also check:

(open Settings > Location > Mode > High Accuracy)


(open Settings app > scroll down to Fitbit)

How do I change the temperature units?

Just head to your Fitbit app on your phone, tap the watch icon in the top right corner, scroll down, and tap Advanced Settings.

My settings match the ones above, but it's still not working?

Please also ensure that you have updated to the latest versions of the Fitbit app, clock face and watch.

If none of these solutions work, please try to install a different clock face, then install this one again. It will ask you to unlock again, but you can quickly unlock again for free here.

Thank you for reading these!

If these don't help, please use the form below. I will do my best to respond to you as quickly as possible!